Useful Tips When Enrolling in a Wrap-Up

Helpful Tips to Help You Enroll in a Wrap-Up Policy When you work on construction projects, you may find yourself working on one covered by wrap-up insurance. In turn, you

How and When to Close Your Wrap-Up Contract

Closing Your Wrap-Up Contract Wrap up insurance programs are an increasingly popular risk management technique used by owners and general contractors of construction projects. A wrap-up policy consists of insurance

Best Practices When Considering a Wrap-Up Program

Your Guide to Understanding Wrap-Up Programs Whether you’re a property owner, general contractor, subcontractor, or otherwise, understanding how wrap-up insurance programs work is vital to a construction project’s success. A

Liability Coverage for Construction Contractors

Mitigating Potential Losses From Contracting Injuries  With every contracting job, there comes a certain amount of risks. When you hire a contractor, you are outsourcing a part of your business

What is a Controlled Insurance Program?

What You Need to Know About Controlled Insurance Programs  A Controlled Insurance Program (CIP) is also known as a wrap-up insurance policy. It is a program that provides onsite insurance

Top Benefits of Wrap-Up Programs

Advantages of Construction Wrap-Up Programs  Project owners and general contractors will know that even just one project will involve a whole host of parties. To project a project, some parties

What to Know About a Wrap-Up Exclusion

What Wrap Up Exclusions Mean to You Many contractors have a Wrap Up Exclusion in their corporate insurance policy. Yet, many do not know or understand what this really means

Wrap Up Insurance on Large Construction Projects: OCIP or CCIP

How to Know Which Wrap-Up Insurance Policy to Get  Wrap-up insurance is commonplace on large, complex construction projects. On these sites, there are generally two types of wrap-up insurance programs

What You Should Know About Wrap-Up Insurance Programs

Understanding Wrap-Up Insurance Programs Whether you are a property owner, general contractor, or subcontractor, it’s important that you understand wrap-up insurance programs. You should know when to consider one, what

When Can a Wrap Policy Work for Your Company

Wrap Insurance for Your Business The construction of a building carries a number of risks to all parties, including the developers, building owners, contractors, and construction managers. Each of these