When Do I Enroll Contractors in the Wrap-Up?

What You Should Know About the Timing of a Wrap-Up Policy  As the economy begins to pick up, many contracts are being asked to bid on jobs that are covered

When Can a Wrap Insurance Policy Work for Your Company?

Understand How You Can Benefit From a Wrap Policy The process of constructing a building involves a great number of risks to all parties, including the developers, building owners, contractors,

Wrap-Up 101 for Contractors

The Basics of Wrap-Up Insurance Policies  Before you start working on a construction project, it is first wise to know what insurance policies you will need to obtain. You may

Wrap-Up Insurance: How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does Wrap-Up Insurance Cost?  One of the most popular questions Nahai Insurance Services get is “How much will I need to pay for wrap-up insurance?” There are many

Common Business Issues When Evaluating OCIP Wrap-Up Programs

Consider These Common Business Issues Owners and developers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to reduce insurance costs while maintaining effective coverages. As the cost of commercial, public

Basics of Wrap Up Insurance for Contractors

What You Should Know About Wrap Up Insurance as a Contractor As a contractor, you know how important it is to understand your insurance coverage. When taking on a new

Top 3 Reasons Why Wrap-Up Programs Benefit Trade Contractors

Does a Wrap Up Policy Protect Trade Contractors?  Almost anywhere, construction is on the rise. Due to the increase, owners and general contractors are opting to implement more Controlled Insurance

Useful Tips When Enrolling in a Wrap-Up

Helpful Tips to Help You Enroll in a Wrap-Up Policy When you work on construction projects, you may find yourself working on one covered by wrap-up insurance. In turn, you

How and When to Close Your Wrap-Up Contract

Closing Your Wrap-Up Contract Wrap up insurance programs are an increasingly popular risk management technique used by owners and general contractors of construction projects. A wrap-up policy consists of insurance

Best Practices When Considering a Wrap-Up Program

Your Guide to Understanding Wrap-Up Programs Whether you’re a property owner, general contractor, subcontractor, or otherwise, understanding how wrap-up insurance programs work is vital to a construction project’s success. A