3 Ways to Control General Liability Premiums for Roofing Contractors

How Roofing Contractors Can Keep Insurance Premiums Low  As a roofing contractor, you know you need insurance. However, even if you don’t make a claim, you may find that every

When Can a Wrap Insurance Policy Work for Your Company?

Understand How You Can Benefit From a Wrap Policy The process of constructing a building involves a great number of risks to all parties, including the developers, building owners, contractors,

Wrap Up, OCIP, CCIP: What Are the Differences?

Understand the Differences Between OCIP, CCIP, and Wrap-Up Insurance The term “wrap-up” is used often when people in the construction industry are contemplating insurance coverage. A wrap up is insurance

What Coverage Does Employer’s Liability Insurance Provide?

Employer’s Liability Insurance Coverage Employer’s liability insurance (ELI) coverage is provided by the workers’ compensation policy for the insured, who is the employer, for liability to employees for work-related bodily

The Differences Between Builder’s Risk and Construction General Liability Insurance

How Builder’s Risk and Construction General Liability Vary  Working in the construction industry, you will know that there are certain policies you must carry to protect yourself and your projects.

Top Benefits of Builder’s Risk Coverage Extensions

Beneficial Builder’s Risk Coverage Extensions to Consider  Builder’s risk insurance is a type of insurance coverage that provides protection for builders during the course of construction. This coverage protects insureds

Three Considerations to Remember When Using an OCIP

What to Remember When Using an OCIP  An Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) is designed for large projects that cover every contractor and subcontractor working on a specific project or job

Uncommon Situations That Impact Construction Costs

What Can Impact Your Construction Costs  Any construction project can be costly. Even when things run on schedule and to budget, bills and expenses run high. If bumps in the

5 Useful Builder’s Risk Coverage Extensions

Put These Beneficial Builder’s Risk Extensions to Use Builder’s Risk insurance is coverage that protects buildings as they are undergoing construction. This coverage protects insured against damage or loss of

OCIPs – The 5 Cultural Benefits for Your Company

Top Cultural Benefits OCIPs Add to Your Business So you’ve decided on an Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) for your upcoming construction project. In doing so, your company will gain benefits