Basics of Builder’s Risk – 4 Facts You Should Know

Basics of Builder’s Risk Insurance When most people hear ‘builder’s risk insurance,’ they think of specialized coverage. While it is specific coverage, builder’s risk insurance can cover a wide variety

Tips on How to Choose an OCIP

Choosing the Right OCIP for Your Project OCIP insurance, or an owner controlled insurance program, is a type of wrap insurance that is designed to better protect a construction project. Within this program, the

How to Insure Your Most Valuable Possessions

Protection for Your Valuable Belongings  Your grandmother’s platinum ring, your brand new HDTV, and your antique book collection are cherished assets that require special care and attention. Many homeowners fall

Insurance Policies High Net Worth Individuals Should Consider

Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals  High net worth individuals require some additional insurance considerations. Whether you have luxury items, full staff, high-value properties, and more, there are many reasons

Best Practices When Considering a Wrap-Up Program

Your Guide to Understanding Wrap-Up Programs Whether you’re a property owner, general contractor, subcontractor, or otherwise, understanding how wrap-up insurance programs work is vital to a construction project’s success. A

What Insurance Do You Need for a Luxury Vehicle?

Properly Protect Your Valuable Vehicle  Buying a luxury car is exciting. Taking it out for a spin is an even better feeling. Whether it’s a Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari,

How an OCIP Can Transfer Risk for Owners and Developers

Understand how you can transfer risk with an insurance policy. Owners and developers involved in construction projects must deal with the inherent risks involved with such projects. Their options are

Liability Coverage for Construction Contractors

Mitigating Potential Losses From Contracting Injuries  With every contracting job, there comes a certain amount of risks. When you hire a contractor, you are outsourcing a part of your business

OCIPS: Project-Specific Liability for Condos

How OCIPs Are Used for Condominium Projects Owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs), or “wrap-ups”, are project-specific insurance policies designed to cover the job site risks and completed operations exposures of the

Construction Wrap-Up Insurance: What You Need to Know

How Construction Wrap-Up Insurance is Beneficial Owners, developers, construction managers, and general contractors face a host of insurance uncertainties with every project. While no insurance program can eliminate every uncertainty,