5 Useful Builder’s Risk Coverage Extensions

Put These Beneficial Builder’s Risk Extensions to Use Builder’s Risk insurance is coverage that protects buildings as they are undergoing construction. This coverage protects insured against damage or loss of

OCIPs – The 5 Cultural Benefits for Your Company

Top Cultural Benefits OCIPs Add to Your Business So you’ve decided on an Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) for your upcoming construction project. In doing so, your company will gain benefits

Understanding OCIP Coverage  Before you take out an OCIP (“owner-controlled insurance program”), it’s essential to know the basics about coverage and how it can help your project. Be sure you

Coinsurance Clause in Your Commercial Property Policy

How Coinsurance Can Affect Commercial Property Coverage Commercial property owners may not always take the time to understand the coinsurance clause in their commercial property insurance policy. Typically, it is

Summer Vacation Rentals – What Insurance Do I Need?

Do I Need Vacation Rental Insurance?  Owning a second house or vacation rental property is an extension of the American dream. You can fly to it for the summer months

How to Keep Crew Safe and Cool During Summer Construction

Hot-Weather Safety Tips for Summer Construction Projects  Working outside in the heat of the California summer can pose some significant health risks to construction crews and laborers. Even seasoned professionals

Should I Do a General Liability Only Wrap-Up?

What is a GL-Only Wrap-Up?  If you’re an owner with a construction project and an eye towards risk management, you may not even realize that there are a variety of

When Are Constriction Operations Liable?

What You Should Know About Construction Defects Construction projects of many (if not all) kinds go through a lot of red tape just to break ground. From zoning to planning,

What Does OCIP Cover in a Project?

What is Covered Under an OCIP?  Construction sites have a variety of different risks. When working on a project, it is important to be covered. OCIP Insurance, Owner Controlled Insurance

Project Coverage: Traditional Insurance or CIP?

Coverage for a Construction Project  Sometimes, obtaining the right coverage for a construction project can seem overwhelming. Generally, there are two options: the traditional insurance approach and a consolidated insurance