Top Advantages of OCIPs for Property Owners and Developers

Benefits of Choosing an OCIP As a property owner or developer starting a residential or commercial building project, you will have access to a wide range of insurance coverage. One

Tips on How to Choose an OCIP

Choosing the Right OCIP for Your Project OCIP insurance, or an owner controlled insurance program, is a type of wrap insurance that is designed to better protect a construction project. Within this program, the

OCIPS: Project-Specific Liability for Condos

How OCIPs Are Used for Condominium Projects Owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs), or “wrap-ups”, are project-specific insurance policies designed to cover the job site risks and completed operations exposures of the

How an OCIP Works

Understanding an Owner-Controlled Insurance Program  The prospect of your project needing an insurance policy means that you should understand how said insurance works. When you are looking for coverage for

What is a Controlled Insurance Program?

What You Need to Know About Controlled Insurance Programs  A Controlled Insurance Program (CIP) is also known as a wrap-up insurance policy. It is a program that provides onsite insurance

Advantages of Securing an OCIP for Your Next Project

Considering an OCIP? Read on for the top benefits. Most contractors operating in the United States have participated in an OCIP. It protects the project owner and is designed to

Questions Businesses Need Answering Before Starting an OCIP

What to Know Before You Get an OCIP Construction jobs come with a number of liability risks. From injuries to damaging neighbors’ property to accidental unstable flooring. Each of these

Key Considerations When Using OCIPs

How to Protect Your Project with an OCIP Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs) are a popular type of insurance program in the construction industry today. Typically seen in large-scale construction

What is an OCIP?

Readily determine what an OCIP can protect your project. Most contractors operating in the United States have participated in an OCIP Insurance. It protects the project owner and is designed

Top Reasons to Get OCIP Insurance

Are you on the fence about getting an owner controlled insurance program? Read on! An Owner Controlled Construction Insurance Program (OCIP), or ‘wrap-up’ enables a construction company owner or contractor to