OCIP Insurance

OCIP Insurance


If you’re the owner of the project being developed an OCIP might be a good option for you. OCIP is an insurance policy held by the project owner during construction, which typically covers almost all general liability coverage that may arise from the construction project. OCIPs replace the traditional method of insuring construction projects – that is where the various parties involved obtain their own insurance coverage. The policy is designed to provide coverage through the full statute of repose of the state in which the construction occurs (for example, ten years in California)

Often owners turn to Nahai Insurance Services to implement a wrap-up to realize premium savings, improve coverage terms and hedge against rate increases. Our high-risk experts are able to design a program that will suit your requirements as an owner, that will offer you advantages and a sense of security while your property is being developed. They are wrap-up specialists who will stand by you through the entire process and beyond to ensure your specific insurance needs are met.

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When you have an OCIP, you no longer need general contractors and subcontractors to provide their own commercial general liability insurance. It’s a convenient, cost-effective way to provide a variety of benefits to all those working on the construction project. An OCIP wrap-up can be used for a single project or several.

And if you have several construction projects in different areas of the country, Nahai Insurance Services offers coverage for multiple job sites nationwide. In fact, we’re one of the only specialized insurance brokers that offer wrap-up coverage on a nationwide basis.

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Following is an overview of the many benefits and advantages of an OCIP:

Get Adequate Coverage for Your Project

It’s often a challenge to make sure all the contractors on your project are adequately covered. Any lack could leave you, as the general contractor, vulnerable. Typically, you would have to examine all the contractors’ policies, checking for limitations, exclusions or other technicalities that may be hidden. With an Owner Controlled Insurance Program that kind of scrutiny is not necessary. All general contractors on your construction project share the same coverage, and since the OCIP is specific to your project, the liability coverage will be broader, with higher limits than your contractors would be able to secure on their own.

Enjoy Lower Costs

The OCIP puts you in charge and gives you the advantage of “buying in bulk.” As the project owner, you will not have to contend with unnecessary costs resulting from the contractors’ liability insurance. In addition, general contractors often mark up the cost of their insurance, and pass the expense on to the project owner. With an OCIP, the only thing passed on to you is savings.

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Handling Claims Is Efficient

When you have several insurance carriers working on a claim, you run the risk of miscommunication and lost time. With an OCIP, claims are usually made through only one insurance company, increasing efficiency and reducing the possibility for cross-litigation and subrogation. As the project owner, you can rest assured, as you are in control of the claims process.

Time Is on Your Side

How long do you estimate your project will take? With an OCIP, you are covered, because the OCIP is written to cover the life of your project, and more. The policy usually covers the term of the project, plus a set amount of years afterwards (for example, 10 additional years), depending on the statute of repose in the state.

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You Are in Control

Along with the assurance of ample coverage, as the project owner, you get to design and structure the policy that suits your project and your specific needs. You do not have to depend on contractors’ policies that may result in coverage gaps or an inadequate amount of coverage.

You Have the Flexibility to Hire Many Contractors

When you have an OCIP, you have the freedom to work with as many contractors as you need to successfully complete your project. This policy allows you to expand your network with the ability to hire general contractors who might not be able to obtain insurance on your particular type of project, perhaps because their policy excludes it. Your OCIP allows them to bid on your job.

Is an OCIP right for you? Give us a call so we can customize a program for you.

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