Wrap Up Basics for Contractors

What is a Wrap-Up? As a contractor, it is important to know what insurance coverage applies to you. Fortunately, when taking on a new project, wrap up insurance can help.

What You Should Know About Wrap-Up Insurance Programs

Understanding Wrap-Up Insurance Programs Whether you are a property owner, general contractor, or subcontractor, it’s important that you understand wrap-up insurance programs. You should know when to consider one, what

Should You Get Wrap-Up Insurance or Traditional Insurance?

Why is wrap-up insurance preferred over traditional insurance? If you’re embarking on a large project, you’ve probably heard about wrap-ups and understand the basic concepts, but maybe aren’t quite convinced.

Attention Real Estate Developers! You Need Wrap-Up Insurance

Wrap-up insurance could help real estate developers avoid financial disaster. Finally! After years of slow build starts, the national economy is finally revving up. New projects are springing up and

Is Your Business Insurance Keeping Pace With Your Growth?

As your business grows, its business insurance needs to grow with it! After a season of grinding hard work, your business is starting to take off. Congratulations! Seeing your business

Wrap-Up Insurance 101: The Types of Wrap Coverage

Here are the two types of wrap-up insurance: OCIP and CCIP. Wrap-up insurance wraps workers’ compensation, general liability, and excess (or umbrella) liability coverage into one convenient policy. You can

Types of Coverage in a Wrap Insurance Policy

Here’s a quick overview of the types of coverage in a wrap insurance policy.  We’ve talked a lot about wrap-up insurance in our blogs so far. Hopefully at this point,

What Kinds of Construction Projects Need Wrap-Up Insurance?

Do your construction projects need wrap-up insurance? This guide can help you decide. Construction projects are always interesting to insure. For starters, each one is unique. Even if you’re working

Wrap-Up Insurance for Your Large Construction Project

If you have a large construction project, wrap-up insurance is well worth considering. Large construction projects come with a large range of risks. Because the financing required to undertake such

Construction Injury Statistics You Need to Know

These construction injury statistics can help you pinpoint where your projects may need further safeguards. You already know that the construction industry brings with it a unique set of risks.