Wrap Up, OCIP, CCIP: What Are the Differences?

Understand the Differences Between OCIP, CCIP, and Wrap-Up Insurance The term “wrap-up” is used often when people in the construction industry are contemplating insurance coverage. A wrap up is insurance

Do You Need an OCIP Insurance or Wrap Insurance Policy?

Here’s what you need to know about OCIP insurance, wrap insurance, and the difference. Protecting a construction project isn’t always easy. You need to consider which involved parties you want

What Does General Liability Cover?

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What Home Insurance Does (and Doesn’t!) Cover

When it comes to home coverage, there are common misconceptions. For the majority of homeowners, a house is a lot more than just an investment. It’s home-sweet-home, right? A home

Seven Must-Have Home Essentials

New home or first apartment? Don’t forget these home essentials. Whether you’re taking the step with your childhood sweetheart, finally moving out of your parents’ house, or planning to make

Basics of General Liability Coverage

Slips? Trips? Falls? General liability covers it all. Business owners, you should note that your personal liability insurance won’t cover losses related to your business activities. If your company is

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Types of Coverage in a Wrap Insurance Policy

Here’s a quick overview of the types of coverage in a wrap insurance policy.  We’ve talked a lot about wrap-up insurance in our blogs so far. Hopefully at this point,

How To: Avoid Lawsuits Against Your Business

Use this list of common reasons for legal trouble to avoid lawsuits against your business. As a business owner, you know how devastating an unexpected expense can be. While an unanticipated

Construction Theft and Builders Risk Insurance: Are Your Job Sites Covered?

Best case scenario: you’ve been the victim of construction theft and builders risk insurance will pick up the tab. Construction theft is far from uncommon. While you can fence your